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Beats For Rap
Beats For Rap

Need industry standard beats for rap music? You’re not alone, hundreds on artists search for quality and professional sounding beats every single day. From one side of the world to the next, up-and-coming artists are on the look out for cheap, hot and fresh instrumentals to lay their rhymes over the top of. Finding quality hip hop beats should not be hard these days with hundreds of great websites online you find top quality production today. Maybe you’d like to take a look at the selection of great music producers that I have here on the beats for rap website. I have sourced the best music producers online and packed them all in to one channel as you can see from the flash player on the top right hand side of my website.

Where to go for Beats For Rap and what to look for

If you’re sick of sounding like an amateur, then you need to know where to find the best beats for rap online. First impressions are everything, especially in the music industry. So if you’re thinking about taking your mixtape to a record label, or releasing it online, you better take your rap career seriously first. Get some unique instrumentals that make your music stand out!

But where do you find good beats for rap in the sea of online suppliers? I know it can be hard, a simple search on google will leave you no closer to finding an answer, you need some advice from someone who’s been there. What I do when I want to buy beats for rap is look for three basic things, they are:

  • The price of various beats for rap or beat packages
  • The licensing available
  • How they treat existing customers


Should you spend hundreds or just a few dollars for beats for rap?

The first thing you will discover if you’re new to the world of buying beats is the variety in price. Yes you can get beats for rap for as little as $1-2, you can also get beats worth $100’s, but they key, like anything in life is finding a high quality product, at a reasonable price.

Depending on your budget, I highly recommended you spend a little more than the lowest possible amount. You will soon learn that high quality beats unfortunately are not available for $1. However for a little extra cash, you can buy top beats from the right producer. Whether you need blazing beats for rap for your new mixtape, concert or even emcee battle, the right producer or site can provide.

Licensing and beats for rap repeat buyers.

It is important to read and understand the licensing agreements that come with all beats for rap. You must know what you can and can’t do with regards to distribution, selling your songs and who else has rights to purchase the same beats. No one wants the same beat that has been used thousands of times, over and over again by different artists. Send one of these to a record label and they won’t even bother listening past the first track. Find a trust worthy site, where you buy beats, then own 100% distribution rights for the beats YOU purchase.

One factor that has always kept me coming back again and again to excellent sites to get beats for rap are those that have excellent customer service. There’s nothing worse than parting with your hard earned cash, only to have something go wrong with the transaction, then it takes weeks to get in contact with any kind of customer representative. Some of the sites I use even offer discounts and exclusive beats to existing and repeat customers, you really can’t find these kind of deals anywhere else so I guess you hold onto a good beat site when you find one.


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