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Beats for rap
Beats for rap

Are you buying beats for rap online today.With so many young music producers online you need to be careful when you buy beats. So many people out there that rip music off legitimate music producers from places like youtube and soundclick and claim them as their own. You need to have your head about when you buy beats for rap mixtapes online. I have seen first hand on many forums with claims of beat thievery that is rampant online. In this post I have out lined some simple guide lines you show do check out if the producer is who the claim they are.

Do a background search on the music producer selling beats for rap mixtapes


If you use beats that have been stolen by fraudulent producers you could land your self in hot water and maybe sued. There is no playing the fool and negligence will not suffice here. If a record label catches you using music that isn’t belong to you because you bought it from a producer that was stealing hip hop beats from another rap beat makers online they will never look at you in a professional light again.

Remember when Charles Hamilton used Jay Dilla’s name without consent this lost him his record career and made him look like Joke to both industry and Hip Hop in general. Do you want the same faith for yourself ? No I don’t think you do. So start treating you career as a business and start looking in to the music producer that is selling beats online.

Look for a real Facebook page with the producers face or an about page. Check out their other channels that they might be on like youtube or other beat sites selling the same beats on their websites. See if they have beat making videos this will be great proof of they own the production.

I feel like the best way to get to know a music producer is to skype with them and tell them that you listen to good hip hop music , You will be able to put to the person who is behind the website and get a better understanding of who the music producer is. Real music producers have real passion for what they do and to find these real music producer you can see with their work ethic online. This can include making videos , nice graphics , making beats , speaking to other fans on social networks and writing content on their websites.

You need to read the license agreement that beat makers have.


This is one of the most important aspects that you can not over look. Most time people are fooled by the contract that they agree to and they lose their ass in the finish. I know looking a long page of terms can be quite tiresome but if your name is on the line you need to have you wits about when you buy beats for rap from beat makers.

Ask around to you friends and followers online of they are feeling the producers tracks. This might be a great way of engagement with your fans and make them feel like their apart of the process of your success. Most beat makers online like to brag about their achievements a wont hesitate to show you like testimonials and what others are saying about them.

I remember I leased a beat online, a friend of mine he wanted the beat for rap mixtape and we were going to write the song together. I never did any background check foolishly a week later I found lots of people in the beat makers forum bad mouthing that producer for being a beat thief. So don’t let this happen to you.

There are so many music producer online that you can shop from and I have some beats for rap here in the beat player on your right form lots of great producers that Im am an affiliate with. Here you can buy beats from all the best producers that I have hand picked from top beat selling sites. I have found these producers on all the charts of most beat selling sites and they are talent rap beat makers. Try not to blow all your beat budget in one shop unless you have good working relationship with music producer.

When you have a good connection with beat maker that produces beats for rap mixtapes or albums , I will reflect on your professionalism to record labels. They see more than just a musician and they will treat you better as business man that can conduct himself or herself as a proper industry artist.If you want to get the right deal for your music career take heed of the advice that I have given to you in this blog post and put it in to action.

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