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Buying Beats For Sale Online
Buying Beats For Sale Online

There are thousand of hip hop sites on with great beats for sale ready for you to make great songs from. These producers have spend their day producing fresh and hot beats everyday using digital audio work stations like logic , pro-tools , pc and fl studio. In order to get the best mixtape you want you need to start by get the right beats.

There are tons of places online with beats for sale and if your ready to start spending money on the music that you have on fresh and unique hip hop beats you be on your way to making a great mixtape or album. Like every thing that needs to be built you need the right source materials. Just like the producer that made the beats they need software , hard ware keyboards and drums samples. You need to start with the right beats.


Licenses With Beats For Sale

Most music producers sell non exclusive beats and exclusive beats. Non – Exclusive beats are the way to go if you have low budget. I wouldn’t worry if people have already rapped on the beat. It’s up to you to make the best song from the beat. Top Industry music producers sell no exclusive beats to many industry rappers all the time. One most famous case is that of when Drake purchased the Forever Beat from Kardinal Officials music producer Boi 1da. Even though the beat was leased to Kardinal he never used the beat and was eventually sold to Drake.


Non exclusive beats for sale are there for rap artist that don’t have thousands to spend on beats but want to see if they can make a mixtape or ep with low cost music and eventually buy the exclusive rights. If your making a mixtape and don’t have large following then leasing beats is the way to keep your budget for promotion. The non-exclusive right allows the producer to remain as the owner of the hip hop beat and continue to shop the beat to other artists but give you the ability to right a song to it and profit from it under the music producers lease agreement.


The Exclusive right’s is mainly for artist with a large following and know that they don’t want any one else to have this beat . This a more costly approach to Licensing music the beat will be your to own legally but the music producer can’t shop it out to other artist’s. The producer will remain as the credited producer of the track even if the track has been altered. This may be a more unique way of taking your job as music industry artist but unless you have the budget and the follow better stick with the non-exclusive beats for sale that music producer have for sale.


Where Do I Find Best Beats For Sale Online

Beats for rap has some of the best beats for sale from the internets hottest hip hop music producers.Beat makers from all over the world are making the best beats spend lots of time and effort and passion in the music that they have created . The producers have been hand picked for the individuality and professional sounds. Most of the rap producers in the player here have been featured on many industry artist’s like Drake , Waka Flocka, Tank, Chris Brown ,Gucci Mane and many more.

Most of the beats for sale on beats for rap have great hooks already in them. This will help you spend your time on creating solid raps for your mixtapes. When you buy beats with hooks in the tracks you already have a great catchy chorus that will stand out to your fans. The beat with hook will grab the attention of your audience as the hook is one of the most important pieces to a song .


The hook the main part of the storey of the song, as it’s the part that remains embeded in the mind of the listener. This will also save you on time looking for a singer to write the hook with you and sing the hook too. Singer’s may cost you pretty penny to do a hook for a beat. So why add that extra expense when you already have beats made by professional producers that have already paid for hooks on beats. Beats with hooks will get you so much more radio play if it catchy enough. All industry artist’s have beats with a chorus in the so why would you do it any differently.


Take you time when looking for beats for sale . Find a hip hop beat that is perfect for your sound and style. Find a rap beat that will inspire you to make a great verse too. Beats for rap has many extraordinary beats from some of the best beat makers online . Take a listen to our player on the right hand side of this website and if you find a beat for sale that you would like to purchase watch the video underneath for the right instruction’s to make your beat purchase run smoothly.

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