Should I have my beats mastered before I sell them

audio-masteringThis is a question I receive quite often. Should I get my rap or hip-hop beats mastered before I release them for sale on my website, soundclick, beatport, etc.? Well the answer is…it depends. How seriously do you take your music? Would you like to make a living off of your beats or is it more of a hobby? Do you want your beats to stand with the best? If you feel your music deserves to reach its full potential, then audio mastering is absolutely essential.

What is Mastering?

Audio mastering is the final stage in the production of a song or album. A mastering engineer uses a careful combination of compression, equalization, and limiting to adjust and enhance your mix. If needed, mastering can add clarity, punch, warmth, depth, loudness, and stereo width to your mix. A skilled mastering engineer is a second set of ears for your production, using his/her expertise to give you mix exactly what it needs to sound as professional and commercial as possible. Additionally, mastering will ensure the best possible translation across all types of sound systems. Your beast need to sound great everywhere; in the car, in the club, or even on the PA system at your local supermarket. You want your rap beats to be slamming no matter where they are played!… Continue Reading

Why you need to source the best hip hop beats for your mixtapes ?

You will need not just any hip hop beat, you need to buy the best hip hop beats. There are many places to get rap beats for sale. The internet is like its own, treasure chest full of the best hip hop beats. You best hip hop beatsneed to do your homework, because the wrong hip hop beat, will sink your album like the Titanic. Your album is something you want share, so your friends can play that album at parties, which is why you need to buy beats. Here is one reason why you need the best hip hop beats for your album. Radio only plays hits . It doesn’t matter of the song is good or not they only want hits simple as that. To write a hit song you need the best possible backing track you can find in order for you to right a hit song.


Rapping to a low quality beat that won’t inspire you to write quality lyrics is a complete an utter waste of time. I have seen it time and time again that where artist just rap to free soundclick beats. Not knowing why they even download they track in the first place. Or worse yet the beat that they want and that beat that will get them to the right mind frame for writing a great song has $25 lease price tag and they won’t cough up the cash to fund their career. You need to look at your music and say is this a real career for me or is this just a hobby. If it is a hobby then go right a head and have some fun. What annoys me about artist is that the say that they take their career seriously and don’t invest in their craft by buying the best hip hop beats for their mixtapes or albums. 

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