How To Find The Best Mixtape Cover Designer Online

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mixtape coverSo you have a new mixtape, single or instrumental coming out soon and now your stuck trying to find a quality mixtape designer.This is were sometimes it can get confusing because nowadays when you go online its thousands of people claiming to be mixtape cover designers and then when you see there work its looks like the work was done by a 3rd grader lol.What makes it so bad is that there is so many knock off graphic designers on an offline that its almost seems dam near impossible to find a reliable designer who can actually bring your vision to life thru their work. When it comes to getting a mixtape cover you can’t just have your homie Marcus down the street who says he does covers or one of your Twitter followers who says they will create you a cover for free, there is probably a reason why their work is free lol.


As we all know it cost money for quality work, so if you don’t have an extra $50 or $100 dollars to invest in your dream maybe you need to rethink the dream your chasing because you will never get anything quality in the music game for free unless your as big as Jay Z already. When it comes down to getting your mixtape covers your going to have to spend some money but it will be money well spent because a high quality cover will lure in more people to checkout your music guaranteed.

When trying to find a graphic designer here are a couple of things you should checkout before you actually pay a penny.


1. Make sure the you checkout the designers portfolio and they have at least 20 different designs to look at.This way you will be able to see different designs they have made for previous client and tell if they are good at bringing themes to life. Anyone can just throw guns,money,and cars on a cover,but a real mixtape cover designer is going to make a detailed cover that matches the title of the mixtape and brings the theme to life.


2. Make sure the designer is Paypal verified on their site.This way it gives you the comfort of knowing that Paypal has verified their information and if for some reason things don’t work out you can get a refund.


3. Make sure you to the checkout the turnaround time on their designs especially if your on a limited time frame. The average time for a good designer to complete a design is around 24 to 48hrs.(Also make sure they provide unlimited changes with the design in case you need changes. You would be surprised how many designers charge for changes and to me thats bs.)


4. Email the designer before you purchase anything. This will let you see how quick their response time is with their clients this is a biggie because communication is everything online, and you also want to make sure there still in business and available to complete your design.

If your looking for a graphic designer that has all of the above and high quality work with low prices visit 

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