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website background music The website background music concerning your videos, multimedia products or short films are the latest mechanisms that enable you in presenting a superlative and striking site of your own. Needless to say, being in the profession you must be curious to know to methods of procuring such background music along with their costing. Don’t get surprised to know that one can avail the benefits of these music compositions through Creative Commons licenses.

This is an innovative platform where multiple music compositions are written, produced or shared by its community members who never charge you for using their music in your sites either commercial or not. Basically, Creative Common licenses enjoy the ownership as well as the copyright of its entire music reign while you can acquire their consent for employing their music in your web video or film. Through the internet searching, you can be familiar with the numbers of sites that are equipped with music and songs of Creative Commons licenses. You can simply download one or more music, for example, from and use them without meeting any obligation apart from a simple registration.

Some of these top demanding sites are explained below


This common database used for Creative Commons Licenses music is equipped with wonderful sound effects and website background music like synthesized sounds, ambient echoes and tones of other musical instruments. While you can browse and download the music of Freesound, the site enables you to share and upload personal audio clips to the database. You must get registered to avail such benefits.


The site is housed with above 350,000 audio files that include varieties of music, languages and songs from different countries, across the world. With its advance search one can narrow down his/her choice out of its comprehensive database. The site offers you a radio option enabling you to listen music on different genre. You are supposed to register and log-in to access and save your account.


This huge online community prides in relation to their group efforts between the expert singers, musicians and artists scattered across the planet. Once the artists upload their music clips and albums onto the site, you can download them effectively for your own production. As it comes to website background music, one can obtain immense assistance from the artists of Kompoz since along with their music they also attach their personal instruments with the clip.


SoundClound is a globally popular site that integrates top class artists who wish sharing their new music tracks to the music lovers. You can download beats such clips and get them in MP3 format.


If you are looking for free music out of individual musical instruments like violins, drums, cellos and entire rock bands, then Musopen is the right place for you. It also renders you exclusive services with website backgroundmusic like classical, traditional or jazz and enables you to download them instantly with a registration.


This enormous site offers you more that 11,000 MP3 music downloads, composed by above ten thousand musicians all over the world. For the music lovers, this is an exclusive platform to demonstrate their expertise by uploading their personal music clips. Just sign up and become a community member of this wonderful website. 

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