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What are New School Beats ? They are a new wave of hip hop beats that came about in the early 2000. Music Production equipment became a lot cheap in the past few years from what it used to cost Many people started to mix hip hop with the synthesizer sounds . Kanye west and “40” “boi wonda “ The Dream” and “Mannie Fresh” adopted this kind of sound by creating more electronic style of new school rap beats.

These type of Download beats Online are more in demand than ever before as more and more younger producers find it easier to use the midi functions of music software rather than learn how to sample beats or learn how to play each individual instrument. New school Beats tend to be heavily realy on the synthesizer sounds.

Creating all different loops for different seconds on of the song. One synthesizer instrument may be used for the intro and different loops and sound used for the verse’s and chorus. Some times producers may change up the 8 bar before they come to the chorus by dropping of the drums or making new melody with a synthesizer patch.

Some Download Beats tend now to carry some of the elements of trap and dirty south beats. You can see a lot of this in beat by Cardiak the producer where he uses the that fast hard type kick in his instrumentals.

One of my favorite type of a new school beats is by Kanye “Welcome to Heartbreak” Ft Kid Cudi using amazing melodies and a oscillated bass line that drive the track complemented by soulful strings which is a perfect combination of the new and the old type of new school instrumental.

Also If you notice that the vocal melody is followed by a the piano melody providing seductive ear candy through out the song. The drums in the song are given by the hard hitting 808’s and Sub 808’s and a combination 808 snap claps that build the song up and up.

Kanye Uses this type of beat in “Diamonds are forever” again using that arp like bass line to drive the song while being complemented by sounds like the strings, the sample, and the pulsing synth that gives use the melody. Kanye uses the 808 kick ayered with a hard kick to get that effect of the new school sound. Download Beats for your mixtapes from the player on this website.