How Far Can You Go Using Free Beats?

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free beats
free beats

Are you using free beats in your mixtapes and albums ?
I recently received an angry comment on one of my youtube beat videos from and artist that was upset by the fact I had my producer tag in that beat. I place the product tag in my beat to protect my music from people just ripping free beats from my youtube channel.


The hip hop beats that I make are my product and I have the right to protect them. This artist wanted to write a song to my beat but my producer tag was in the beat. I told the artist that free beat downloads are just for an artist to get a feel for the rap beats and see if they can actually write a song to that particular track.


When you rip free beats from youtube or any where else this those not give you the lease rights to this beat and you do not have the permission to profit from my instrumentals with out purchasing the lease. The artist in question was even more angry at my replies and through complete ignorance felt that he was Entitled to my product for FREE just because he draws air.

The funny thing is that he never purchased any track from my website and he wanted to rip it from youtube and still had the nerve to think that I ripped him off some how. What a crazy world we live in. There are a certain type of people in this world that feel that just because they inhale they should get everything for free. These people are consumers not producers . And because they never actually make something that takes hard work and effort like making beats and selling beats online , they are blind to see the value in the work that you have put in.


Free Beats vs Buying Beats Online

Don’t get me wrong here I am all down for a collaboration with an artist as long as they some kind of strategy and some type of music marketing plan. I will even give the lease of the beats for free if they can tell me how the plan on marketing themselves and how the can achieve a return on they music I provide them with.

But when some one that just says “I just going to make a mixtape” and that its with no real goal or plan , why should I invest my time in making rap beats and you don’t have invest your time in making a plan for how you intend in becoming successful. I have value my time . Time to me is like world currency and we are all on the basic level of pay. When time is the one thing unifies everyone. Just like the film with Justin Timberlake (In Time).


So how far do you see yourself going as an artist when you take free beats from youtube or any other channel ? Ask yourself this can you see your self becoming and industry standard professional artist constantly using all these free instrumental downloads with the producers tags in them every 20 seconds ?
You can only get so far with free beats . Every producer that gives out free beats only lets you use them for you to get a feel for the product before you buy beats for sale on his or her website.


If you feel that you want to take your music career seriously you are going eventually have to buy beats to rap to. You wouldn’t go to a studio and say to a sound engineer that you can pay him with credit of mixing and mastering the beat. That sound engineer can not go to his landlord and say that he can pay him by telling everyone he knows that he owns this house. The world just dose not work like that. It is time to stop the madness of fooling yourself and start investing in your career because you can only get so far using free beats that you download from a website or from youtube.

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