How Far Can You Go Using Free Beats?

free beats
free beats

Are you using free beats in your mixtapes and albums ?
I recently received an angry comment on one of my youtube beat videos from and artist that was upset by the fact I had my producer tag in that beat. I place the product tag in my beat to protect my music from people just ripping free beats from my youtube channel.


The hip hop beats that I make are my product and I have the right to protect them. This artist wanted to write a song to my beat but my producer tag was in the beat. I told the artist that free beat downloads are just for an artist to get a feel for the rap beats and see if they can actually write a song to that particular track.


When you rip free beats from youtube or any where else this those not give you the lease rights to this beat and you do not have the permission to profit from my instrumentals with out purchasing the lease. The artist in question was even more angry at my replies and through complete ignorance felt that he was Entitled to my product for FREE just because he draws air.… Continue Reading

Finding Quality Rap Instrumentals for Your Mixtape

Quality Rap Instrumentals
Quality Rap Instrumentals

Every rap artist should know that getting the maximum exposure to their music is to source quality rap instrumentals. The right foundation for a good rap record is when a rapper has found a way to buy beats of a high quality that suit the style and the genre of the artist buying rap beats for sale. It is now much easier to source rap beats for sale at many outlets online. Many hip hop instrumentals and rap instrumentals are easily found online and these are perfect for putting down on your mix tape. If you want to buy beats for your mix tape you should edge in favour towards the highest quality rap instrumentals


But should you buy beats that are individual rap beats or buy rap instrumentals covering a complete CD or DAT tape? To answer that question, one could say yes to both. Providing the style of the whole CD is within your genre and suits your style – then use it all. If you want to buy short rap beats that are for sale at a cheap rate then you can find, providing you keep to your style and genre this is moving in the right direction too. If you are stuck for ideas in getting the right rap instrumentals or don’t know which rap beats for sale you want, try the simple style of dirty south beats. These tend to be easier to produce a higher quality rap instrumentals for your mix tape.

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Why you need to source the best hip hop beats for your mixtapes ?

You will need not just any hip hop beat, you need to buy the best hip hop beats. There are many places to get rap beats for sale. The internet is like its own, treasure chest full of the best hip hop beats. You best hip hop beatsneed to do your homework, because the wrong hip hop beat, will sink your album like the Titanic. Your album is something you want share, so your friends can play that album at parties, which is why you need to buy beats. Here is one reason why you need the best hip hop beats for your album. Radio only plays hits . It doesn’t matter of the song is good or not they only want hits simple as that. To write a hit song you need the best possible backing track you can find in order for you to right a hit song.


Rapping to a low quality beat that won’t inspire you to write quality lyrics is a complete an utter waste of time. I have seen it time and time again that where artist just rap to free soundclick beats. Not knowing why they even download they track in the first place. Or worse yet the beat that they want and that beat that will get them to the right mind frame for writing a great song has $25 lease price tag and they won’t cough up the cash to fund their career. You need to look at your music and say is this a real career for me or is this just a hobby. If it is a hobby then go right a head and have some fun. What annoys me about artist is that the say that they take their career seriously and don’t invest in their craft by buying the best hip hop beats for their mixtapes or albums. 

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Why You Need Beats With Hooks

 Beats with hooks
beats with hooks

Hip hop beats need a good hook in a rap song to pop and have a dynamic sound. Beats with hooks that have a unique style and dynamic sound are what draws fans. Your sound needs a hook which is a catchy phrase that repeats in the song.

People want a hip hop song with a hook that pops. If the hook is boring, and doesn’t flow well with the beat, you will lose your audience fast. Serious hip hop fans, want something that has strong beat, and a hook that grabs their attention. Something offbeat, with a funky beat and hot hook, keeps your audience coming back for more.

A bad with a good beat, kills the entire song. Boom your listeners have moved on. You have to set the mood and tone of the music with the hook not just the beat. You can buy beats with hooks, to make your sound pop.

It has have a good beat and flow. Sometimes its hard to come up with a hook that goes with your beat and style. Lets face it when you first hear a hip hop song with a good beat, you start to get into it, and dance. Then suddenly you hear those beats with hooks for the song. So you pay attention to the name of the group, and think twice about listening to them again.

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