Rap Beats With Hooks

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There are many producers online today making rap beats with hooks. Many Rap artist find that having hooks in there song help deliver a better message. Finding the right singer can be tricky not everyone can get Bruno Mars type beat hooks. Having a rap instrumental with hooks can save you so much time and money in the long run.

One reason can be when producers make their beats the already have paid for the singer to perform the hook in the song or they have found the perfect sample chopped up for the chorus.Having chorus in your song will take you from being a regular artist to being a more professional industry artist. Not every one can sing I agree but everyone can write. Just because you are not the singer I bet you can still write a good chorus.

What a good chorus can do When using Rap Beats With Hooks?

rap beats with hooks

Having Rap beats with a hooks can total transform a song in matter of minutes. I had an artist send me a beat and he hired his own singer to do the hook and made him sound so much more like an industry rap artist. A&R’s and labels will take him way more serious now that he took the time to construct and complete a song.

Sixteen Bar Free Style’s don’t get played on the radio guy’s unless your live on the Hot 97, you need to find rap beats with hooks. Most hip hop tracks can sound repeditive and overdrawn. Finding a good singer for the chorus should ┬ábread new life into the song, giving it a more radio friendly sound for the listener.

Make the rap beats with hooks are catchy.

There is a reason they call it the hook. It has to be catchy. Something that just has a melody, that can played over and over in your mind. This is the factor you want in still in your audience. No matter how good a rapper is it’s hard to remember all the lines the artist says due to the delivery and flow of that particular cadence.

So finding the right Rap Beats with Hooks makes it easier for your audience and fans to remember the song and recommend it to there friend. Most great songs are promoted through word of mouth so having a catchy instrumental with a hook can make all the difference.

Cost of Rap Beats With Hooks

Most rap beats with hooks do cost more than regular lease beats. The reason Being may be down to the fact that the beat is more popular or the fact that the producer had to cough up some money to pay the singer. A standard lease for any Rap Instrumental may cost between $10 – $25 but the beat with hook may cost from $25-$100 depending on the producer. But keep it in mind that if you where to buy a beat lease and then pay a singer to do the job for you It may cost you up to $300 per track depending on where you buy most of the prices I have seen from professional singers from soundclick charge about this price.


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