The process of how to buy hip hop beats online


Buy Hip Hop Beats
Buy Hip Hop Beats

The internet has given music producers all over the world to set up beats shop websites so that rap artist’s can buy hip hop beats for their mixtapes or albums today. Unless you the artist are a music producer then you are going to have to pay for the music that you rap over.

Yes you could make your own beats , then you have to think of the cost’s that come with it. Even though music production software has come down dramatically in recent years and it easier create rap beats the cost of putting together a small home studio is still out of budget for some. With cost of a good computer , sound cards , software , midi keyboards , vst’s speakers and the list goes.

So if you want to be a rap artist then focus on being a rap artist, and vise verse if you want to make rap beats. When you decide on becoming a professional rap artist you need to spend time working on your talent and craft. When you buy Rap beats online form a pro beat maker is great way to start your mixtape or album. Music producers that have a good beat websites and good web presence online show you that they are serious about there music production.

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How Far Can You Go Using Free Beats?

free beats
free beats

Are you using free beats in your mixtapes and albums ?
I recently received an angry comment on one of my youtube beat videos from and artist that was upset by the fact I had my producer tag in that beat. I place the product tag in my beat to protect my music from people just ripping free beats from my youtube channel.


The hip hop beats that I make are my product and I have the right to protect them. This artist wanted to write a song to my beat but my producer tag was in the beat. I told the artist that free beat downloads are just for an artist to get a feel for the rap beats and see if they can actually write a song to that particular track.


When you rip free beats from youtube or any where else this those not give you the lease rights to this beat and you do not have the permission to profit from my instrumentals with out purchasing the lease. The artist in question was even more angry at my replies and through complete ignorance felt that he was Entitled to my product for FREE just because he draws air.… Continue Reading

Why you need to source the best hip hop beats for your mixtapes ?

You will need not just any hip hop beat, you need to buy the best hip hop beats. There are many places to get rap beats for sale. The internet is like its own, treasure chest full of the best hip hop beats. You best hip hop beatsneed to do your homework, because the wrong hip hop beat, will sink your album like the Titanic. Your album is something you want share, so your friends can play that album at parties, which is why you need to buy beats. Here is one reason why you need the best hip hop beats for your album. Radio only plays hits . It doesn’t matter of the song is good or not they only want hits simple as that. To write a hit song you need the best possible backing track you can find in order for you to right a hit song.


Rapping to a low quality beat that won’t inspire you to write quality lyrics is a complete an utter waste of time. I have seen it time and time again that where artist just rap to free soundclick beats. Not knowing why they even download they track in the first place. Or worse yet the beat that they want and that beat that will get them to the right mind frame for writing a great song has $25 lease price tag and they won’t cough up the cash to fund their career. You need to look at your music and say is this a real career for me or is this just a hobby. If it is a hobby then go right a head and have some fun. What annoys me about artist is that the say that they take their career seriously and don’t invest in their craft by buying the best hip hop beats for their mixtapes or albums. 

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Using The Internet To Buy Beats

Buy Beats
Buy Beats

The internet is a great resource for any young rap artist that is trying to network with hip hop music producers and buy beats online. When you are working on a new mixtape you will need to buy beats to write songs too. The internet has plenty of beats for sale online. There are thousands of beats selling sites where you can go to shop for beats for sale.Most music producers have their own beat websites with all their beats on display for you to listen too. All you have too do is learn how to network with these hip hop music producers.

With so many beat selling websites online this is to the advantage of the rap artist that has come to shop for beats.All these rap beat makers are competing with each other on prices and will offer you better deals to keep you coming back to shop for beats.Compared to offline and face to face meetings it will be harder for you haggle them down on price. Most offline producers are still used to the older model and prices that beats once where and are though for you to hustle with. For this reason alone I feel that your at a better advantage for a better deal for buying beats for sale online.


Why The Internet Is A Great Place To Buy Beats?

The internet is a great place to find cheap rap beats for mixtapes when you just starting out and your budget is low. But let it be know that cheap hip hop beats doesn’t always mean good quality. You still have to come to your senses and use your ears to judge these beat makers. Listen to them carefully and see if they fit your style and are produced correctly and not over compressed so that you still have room for your vocals with in the beat. Clarity is key here and try and find the cleanest production.

Never buy beats from some that doesn’t invest in website and just hustles beats from a Facebook page or a twitter page. There are tons of lazy beat makers that just go about the spam route of hit people up with and email and don’t even have website. This is a joke and if they don’t invested in the low cost of a simple website just don’t deal with them.They obviously don’t believe … Continue Reading