Trap Beats and Dirty South Beats

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Trap Beats

Trap Beats and Dirty South Beats


Trap Beats genre spawned from crunk music. They have mostly a tempo range of 140bpm. They usually are constructed using the 808 sub kick layer with a hard kick. These 808 sub kick acts like that of the bass line in the song paying the chord or note structure to create the main part of the song.

Many artist’s like T.I. , Mannie Fresh , Swaty Red and Lil John pioneered the movement of dirty south beats and it was signature to their sound. This sound has evolved in to trap music over the last few years with introduction of new young beat makers like Drumma Boy , Lex Luger , Jahlil Beats Rick Ross and many more. The sound of dirty south still has the main structure in a trap beats but has different elements that define it as a stand a lone genre.

Trap beats tend to use a lot of changes in the drum patterns in different sections of the song. Like speeding up the snare rolls and high hats to 32 second notes or 64 notes. Giving this weird rake effect with the snare or high hat. This gives the trap instrumental more hype and much more energy for the rap artist’s to pump up the song.

Structure Of Trap Beats

If the song structure has 16 bar verse the instrumental it will change up its drum pattern on the second 8 bar by adding different sounding drums or changing the notes of the percussion such as the kick drum, snare and high hats, and then return to the main drum pattern in the chorus. The main instrumentation in trap beats or dirty south beat can be heard with the brass sounds or the use of bells and synthesizer.

The synthesizer plays the melody over the bass line created by the 808 kick notes.The melody is repeated throughout the trap beats but played with different sounds to create the effect so it will not be over used. Sounds like bells will generate the effect that of ear candy given a different flavor to the sound of the instrumental. The brass instrument tends to follow the the bass line notes created by the 808 sub kick notes. But may add additional notes with in the chord structure making the beat sound more creative.

Sound Of A Trap Beat

The brass tends to be aloud instrument and should give the instrumental a little more hype and up tempo sound especially when additional notes are added making the track sound a lot faster and giving more energy to the rap artist. High octane arpeggiated synthesizers are used in the background of the beat to keep the track going, this makes the trap sound like that it is very busy. When there is really just a couple of notes played quickly over and over again. This is used more as an effect rather than as a melody or bass to the track.

Trap Beats and dirty south instrumentals tend to use a lot of effect’s to signal to the listener that there is a change in the song. This can be achieved by sweep effect or a rising sound effect created by the moving the cut off on the synthesizer sound used. This will build up the chorus or show a change in the verse. A trap beats producer like Lex Luger’s is notorious for the use of this sound and is often associated with his signature in the beats that he makes.

A great example of how effective the hype from Trap Beats can be found in the Rick Ross’s BMF most of the instrumentation never changes that much but the changes comes from the different ways of using the drums and percussion in the background. This gives Rick Ross energy to change up his cadences and the way he raps to the beat.


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