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Buy Beats

The internet is a great resource for any young rap artist that is trying to network with hip hop music producers and buy beats online. When you are working on a new mixtape you will need to buy beats to write songs too. The internet has plenty of beats for sale online. There are thousands of beats selling sites where you can go to shop for beats for sale.Most music producers have their own beat websites with all their beats on display for you to listen too. All you have too do is learn how to network with these hip hop music producers.

With so many beat selling websites online this is to the advantage of the rap artist that has come to shop for beats.All these rap beat makers are competing with each other on prices and will offer you better deals to keep you coming back to shop for beats.Compared to offline and face to face meetings it will be harder for you haggle them down on price. Most offline producers are still used to the older model and prices that beats once where and are though for you to hustle with. For this reason alone I feel that your at a better advantage for a better deal for buying beats for sale online.


Why The Internet Is A Great Place To Buy Beats?

The internet is a great place to find cheap rap beats for mixtapes when you just starting out and your budget is low. But let it be know that cheap hip hop beats doesn’t always mean good quality. You still have to come to your senses and use your ears to judge these beat makers. Listen to them carefully and see if they fit your style and are produced correctly and not over compressed so that you still have room for your vocals with in the beat. Clarity is key here and try and find the cleanest production.

Never buy beats from some that doesn’t invest in website and just hustles beats from a Facebook page or a twitter page. There are tons of lazy beat makers that just go about the spam route of hit people up with and email and don’t even have website. This is a joke and if they don’t invested in the low cost of a simple website just don’t deal with them.They obviously don’t believe in there craft or even care about their beats if they don’t carry out their business in a proper and professional way. Have beats for sale for rap artist’s to buy beats is just like any other business and beat makers need to treat their profession like business.

Buy beats form beat makers that have developed their own brand and style online. These people have taken lots of time to build up their name and are much more helpful to buy beats from and will look after the beat buyers that come to shop for beats form their site.You also gain an audience from the following that these producers have online too by just crediting them as a producer of the song a many of their fans on youtube will follow you too.One of my favorite ways to network with rap artist online is to use Skype. This gives you the ability to have face to face meetings with music producers and makes the process of buying beats more comfortable for both parties. It will reassure you that their is some one behind the beat selling website. That once you buy beats from the beat website that you will get the right product that you requested.

How Do You Buy Beats From Music Producers Online ?


It is so much easier to network with music producers online . With all the social network sites like Facebook and Twitter it has made the connection so much easier and more personal to network for beats online. Even though email is still great form of communication it is great to find their personal social network profiles and chat to them.

Also with the use of pay pal it has never been easier or safer to pay for beats online . I would advise any rap artist to buy beat from beat maker using pay pal. Juts incase the music producer never sent you the beat you can still get your money back from pay pal. Pay is the safest method to purchase any thing online.It is great see that most hip hop beat makers use flash stores now to sell their beats. When you buy beats from the flash players you get the beat instantly after you pay with with pay pal. Or the beat download link is sent directly to your email.

Beat leases are the way to go for rappers buying beats online. This will help you get lots of beats for cheap and save some money for your mixtape promotion. You can still have quality beats from top beat makers online and enough cash left over to promote you mixtape.By having quality cheap beats you have better chance of creating great songs and a great mixtape for a low cost compared to going to studio and getting a music producer to produce beats for you. Most of these online beat makers make beats that have current sound to them which makes it easier for you to write songs that will actually get played on radio.

Developing a working relationship with a good beat maker that you buy beats from you will have a constant stream of beats that will sound like they are made for today. Many producer give out free beat downloads. But these beats are only for you to judge to see if you can make rap songs to and listen too. The will have the producers signature tag in them. This is the best ways to go about it. So make sure to buy the tag less beats and create a professional song as a rap artist.Make sure to buy beats from beat makers when you intent to profit the beat and song. Like when you play shows. If you don’t and the find out you might get in to a lot of trouble. Conduct your rap career in a professional manner and people will treat you like a professional.

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