Why You Need Beats With Hooks

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 Beats with hooks
beats with hooks

Hip hop beats need a good hook in a rap song to pop and have a dynamic sound. Beats with hooks that have a unique style and dynamic sound are what draws fans. Your sound needs a hook which is a catchy phrase that repeats in the song.

People want a hip hop song with a hook that pops. If the hook is boring, and doesn’t flow well with the beat, you will lose your audience fast. Serious hip hop fans, want something that has strong beat, and a hook that grabs their attention. Something offbeat, with a funky beat and hot hook, keeps your audience coming back for more.

A bad with a good beat, kills the entire song. Boom your listeners have moved on. You have to set the mood and tone of the music with the hook not just the beat. You can buy beats with hooks, to make your sound pop.

It has have a good beat and flow. Sometimes its hard to come up with a hook that goes with your beat and style. Lets face it when you first hear a hip hop song with a good beat, you start to get into it, and dance. Then suddenly you hear those beats with hooks for the song. So you pay attention to the name of the group, and think twice about listening to them again.

Why is it important to have beat with a tight hook ?

The beat can definitely grab your audience. Its the hook that turns that hip hop rap song into a hit, or an instant flop. When you have a good beat going, you need those catchy beats with hooks to make your sound go from a flop to a viral hit.

Chances are you have heard hip hop songs that have a decent beat but a hook that sucks. I mean it sucks, and you can’t wait to turn it off fast. It falls flat, you can’t fix it after that. So the right mix of drums, and a catchy hook, will make a huge difference in your music. The best way to develop your sound and hooks, is to listen to your favorite top hip hop artists.

They never started out sounding that good. Everyone starts with a humble beginning. It took time study and develop that match of sound, and hooks. At first your favorite hip hop artists had a unique beat , with a hook that sucked. A good beat sets the tone and mood for the music. A bad hook, kills the tone and mood you’re trying to set with your music.

Buy Beats With Hooks

You can buy beats with hooks, while you’re developing your talent and dynamic sound. A good musician knows how to make it flow and Studies different sounds as their own voice develops. No matter what you do, your talent has to develop over time through your music. If you buy beats with a good hook, you can bring out your talent as an artist. Your favourite hip hop artists did exactly the same thing. They bought beats with hooks, as their talent and sound developed. Its part of the process to become a good musician.

Beats with hooks, set the tone, mood and flow of your rap song. Without it yourmusic won’t have the unique pop, or dynamic feel to the song. Music has a life to it. Buying beats with hooks, will put life into that music. The mood of the rap song, where people want to get up dance and keep listening to it for many years. It turns into a classic, that no one else can match, that why you should buy beats with hooks.

This is why your music needs a beat with a good hook. Its like watching a movie, with no plot, your bored tired, and can’t wait to turn it off quick. A movie has to have a plot and a dynamic hook in the story to keep you watching. Your sound has to have the same thing.

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